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Window Cleaning Services in Banbury and Brackley

South Northamptonshire & North Oxfordshire

We are a family run window cleaning service based in Banbury, but also cover areas in South Northamptonshire. Since our establishment in 2007, we have built a reputation for quality of service. We use a pure water-fed pole system to ensure the safety of our workers and give you a great finish every time.

Our services cover residential and tenancy cleaning. We provide a thorough, high quality service and pride ourselves on our friendly, reliable and honest work ethic.

We ensure you receive our best service - with a smile - each and every time, leaving your home with crystal clear windows that gleam and sparkle.

AquaPro Window Cleaning Flats

Town Houses and Flats

AquaPro Window Cleaning Pure Water System

Water Fed Pole System

AquaPro Window Cleaning Bungalows

Houses and Bungalows

Our window cleaning services include the use of a Pure Water Fed Pole system which enables us to clean a wide variety of properties and buildings. We can reach up to four storeys, so whether you have a town house or mid-height flat you can be sure of clean windows all the way up. We also clean standard houses and bungalows so whatever your requirements, we can ensure you get a clear view from every window.

The Water-Fed Pole System

The water-fed pole system has been in use for many years now but householders do sometimes wonder how this method can give a superior clean when water is seemingly just left on the window to dry. Afterall, windows never look great after a rainfall right?

The key is in the purified water used with this system. In simple terms, the water is deionised and filtered, removing every impurity until it reaches a completely pure state. These impurities are what cause the marks on a window when normal water is left to dry. Once these impurities are removed the water dries completely clear. Water in a pure state will draw all impurities from your windows and wash them away, leaving a completely clear finish, and will help to "repel" impurities for some time after, leaving your property with a longer lasting gleam than a traditional clean would.